Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free Posters on NYE!

We are working diligently to bring you the best New Years EVE ever. The Truth are preparing a brand new vacuous stare to bring in 2012.

Also, we are giving a free show poster to the first 100 people to arrive at our party, designed by the brilliant Carpe Diem Construction Co. Let Johnny and the Truth grace your fridge or office, or maybe cut it up and hang it as your infant's mobile...

Still need tickets? Get 'em here.
Or check out the event on FB

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years EVE!

Me and my people are coming back to Milkboy to bless the New Year with our nasties. We were last there with my lady friend Martha Graham Cracker on Halloween. The venue is simply topshelf, and as you know, that's not a word I just throw around.

Come share the time, and check out our ridiculously strange and wonderful guests, El Malito, who were nominated for the Philebrity Award for Breakout Musical Act of the Year!

They put this little promo video together. Dig, and invite your friends on Facebook!

That Lady's coming!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Time of Love and Understanding

Connies at Christmas is a special time of year. The Italian Market is bustling with Mexican Music and the special smell of urine, and Old Joe Brown Tartaglia is passing out hip flasks with little bottles of Captain Morgan. On December 9th, All of our friends and family piled in to sing songs, share Christmas memories, and bask in the glow of the incredible Sons of Thunder.

(photos courtesy of Emily Ana Zeitlyn)

We did the Golden Handshake. My palms were reenacting a sensual encounter from across a crowded room.

The Truth wished for nothing, and got everything they ever needed in their stocking. Notice the bows and garland. We killed it for Christmas.

Our good friend Birdie Busch stopped in and blessed us with some tunes. She's got the prettiest swing this side of the Delaware.

Drummer Joseph Getzani and Andrew Nelson locked into the nasty, while Rumi Kitchen stared into the spirit of Christmas forever-now-ness.

Christmas is such an emotional time for me. I was wrapped with memories, and told of everything from my ex-wife's throwing up on 95N to Providence to lodging a sharpened candy cane in my little bother Bobby's throat.

We also had some very special guests at TABLE $25. "Beaver and Kat", as they only wish to be known for these purposes, were visiting from Wickford, RI. They are active supporters of #OccupyWestWarwick, and came to see us their friend "Janet". I knew them when I was working at Quidnessett Country Club, and they got me a weekly gig at Bovy's Tavern in East Providence.

"Kat" and "Janet", photo courtesy of "Beaver".

The following photos are from their pampered view at Table $25.

Here is us by the televised fireplace. So warm and cozy.

Here is me singing "Please Don't Throw Up Again (This Christmas)", a song for my ex-wife Bonnie.

Here is my ex-wife Bonnie, many Christmases ago. I still think of her, especially since I can't get her pukestench out of my seats in the Taurus.

Set List 12/9/11
Drummer Boy/Woman
People Make the World Go Round
hit it
golden handshake/ hip ship
the list
Birdie- Brand New Key/Born of a Season
Please Don't Throw Up Again (This Christmas)
Rumi Kitchen- Let's go get stoned
Screwdriver (I'm Sorry Michael)
push that rock
Underneath the fingernail clipping of the moon
Have yourself a merry little christmas
jackmo fever
cocaine sandwich
(encore #2)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Shopping with Johnny

Not finished with your Christmas shopping, or still looking for that special gift for that loved one? Look no further! We have just the things to make their Christmas bright. For Sale this Friday at Connies:

Love is the Message CDs $12

Love is the Message is the #1 Party Album of the Year... Every Year!!

Co-produced with Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Mick Jagger), this analog recording includes all your favorite songs from the cabaret, fully realized! Also features the brilliant art design of Angela Miles of Carpe Diem Construction Co.

Johnny and Dotty Tee Shirts $12

Take Johnny and Dotty wherever you go. All are super comfy tees in mens and ladies' styles, and a variety of colors. Made by Royal Apparel and Anvil. Printed by Camden Printworks.

"Love, Johnny" Thongs $8

Simple, elegant, tasteful. Made by Royal Apparel, with soft gold printing by Camden Printworks (Also available in more modest booty shorts.)

Online Store to come!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Is the Message Photo Shoot

I had this little video kicking around, and thought I would share it with you.
Man, I love my people...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas at Connie's

We are pleased to announce that we are returning to our beloved Connie's Ric Rac for a Christmas celebration. You are formally invited to join us as we gather by the fire, exchange gifts, and play the music that makes your mistletoe kiss itself.

Special Guest Birdie Busch!
Holiday Dinner Served
Friday, December 9th
Connie's Ric Rac
1132 S. 9th St.
9pm $12

Friday, November 18, 2011

We Want to Come to You.

Do you live outside of Philly, and want to see Johnny live in your town? Want to feel the mystical magnetism of Rumi kitchen, and be swept into the vacuous vacuum of the Truth? Do you want to dance like a splashing puddle to the precipitous sounds of the Sons of Thunder? Let us know! Let your local venue, or college know that there is a yearning for pure entertainment in your area that only Johnny can fulfill. Also tell them to book us. We will also do private parties and events. I have my own PA,too.. so... you know...just sayin'... we can come anywhere....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Release: The Secret Weapon

On October 21st, we had the long awaited release party for our debut album, Love is the Message! It was held in the brilliant up-and-coming venue, Underground Arts, and in addition to the 150 people in attendance, 450 people around the world were watching a live webcast. I could feel their power. We played the entire album, plus many many more. This party went all night... But I've been doing lots of cardio at Sweat South Philly, so no problem...

I sang all the hits.

The Truth made the nasty happen, and everybody new it.

My ex-girlfriend, Vickie Fastlane stopped by for an unexpected visit. I wasn't expecting her, or that she would be expecting herself. It's not mine, by the way. I wonder if I'm sad or not.

We also introduced an very promising, up-and-coming young artist named Marvin. I owed his sister quite a bit of money from when I stayed in her apartment while she was doing her karaoke residency in Japan. It started that we were dating, but then we weren't, and there were some expenses I soon had to cover. Anyway, Marvin is very talented young man, very interested in space travel, and we are talking about producing an EP.

Rumi Kitchen and Kitchen sang an emotional rendition of Cat, Rat, Dog, in response to Occupy West Warwick.

The night was incredible. The Six Lady Dancers even called to arms at the encore, which errupted into a massive dance party. Thank you to Gary Reuben, Mike Thatcher, Mike Cristaldi for all of their hard work. Thanks to the beautiful Kathy Kruger for taking these great photos. See the rest of her photos here!

Don't have the record yet? Get it here!

10/21 Setlist
chairman mao
baby come over
hit it
Let’s make a better world (Dr John)
alone (Heart) w/ vickie fastlane
push that rock

break (w/ a set by Marvin)

Golden hand shake/ hip ship
the whales
through the years (Kenny Rogers)
take me with u (Prince) w/ Vickie Fastlane
james sugg

idioteque (radiohead)
woman, you my woman
Love is the message

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Night of the Double Gig

October 28 was a killer night for Johnny and the Sons of Thunder. We started at 10:30 at the killah new venue, Milkboy Philly, sharing the bill with sex goddess and sometimes girlfriend, Miss Martha Graham Cracker. (photos by Kathy Kruger)

We were also blessed to reunite with G, our super funky bass player who moved back to New England last year. The crowd was killer, and about 90% of them had never seen us before. It was an overwhelming success, and Milkboy has already asked us to return. Another date is in the works! Stayed tuned...

Milkboy set list

chairman mao
party in my pants
baby come over
hit it
Let’s make a better world (dr john)
screwdriver (i'm sorry, michael)
golden hand shake/hip ship
the whales
sensual, pts 1 &2
cocaine sandwich
love is the message

After our set, there was no time for a duet with my sweet Martha, or even a drink of Milkboy's famous boy-milk... We gathered up our gear, and blew across town to 21st and Washington, where our good friends The Beserker Residents were throwing their 7th Annual Halloween 'Splosion, where we were a super secret surprise guest. We showed up, set up, and tore it up.
Drummer Joey Getzani had a Swedish chef flavor happening, and I slipped into something more comfortable, my late night pink. We played an even longer set for the party people, adding favorites like "Woman you My woman" and a surprisingly proficient, previously unrehearsed Ghostbusters Theme which I introduced as Riders on the Storm. The miserable weather didn't stop this crowd from having an incredible time... You need us to rock your party? This band is for hire.

These people had the halloween 'sploding all over them...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ryan Carniaux "Reflections of the Persevering Spirit"

There are great musicians, and then there are great musicians who are really saying something. That is the case with the group of intrepid musicians that circle the orb of trumpeter Ryan Carniaux. Ryan and I played together back in Rhode Island at Quidnessett Country Club. He would bring the house down during my duets with local chantreuse Maria Day, who was responsible for writing the classic Ocean State offical song, "Rhode Island, It's for Me". And although I stiffed him for a significant sum of money at Chan's Eggroll and Jazz Series in Woonsockett, we have remained very good friends to this date.

Ryan has since moved to Koln, Germany where he has toured all over Europe with kinetic genius drummer Samuel Duhsler and lush piano prodigy Mike Roeloffs. He has also become the go to sideman for many of the heavy hitter American players that tour overseas.

Ryan also blessed Love is the Message with his sound, blowing his ass off on both the title track and Fingernail Clipping of the Moon.

Released within the same week as Love is the Message, Ryan has birthed his own child into the world. On October 28, Ryan will release Reflections of a Persevering Spirit. I got a sneak preview, of course. It is a sweeping, moody record that explores the dynamism of human experience. Ryan leads the group from peaceful reverence to volcanic eruption, with emotional depth found in few artists. Now available on iTunes!

Dig Ryan Carniaux

Monday, October 10, 2011

#Occupy West Warwick

It has been an incredible 3 weeks of world events. Here in Rhode Island, protestors have taken up residence outside Chipotle on Rt 2, Warwick. It used to be a Bickfords, a fine family restaurant which thrived on the bustling business of major until replaced by Chipotle in 2009. Protestors aren't leaving until their voices are heard, and Bickfords is given another chance to thrive, now that a Trader Joe's was build across Rt 2. Before there was only a Jamiel's shoe world and Papa Gino's, and Strawberry's Records and Tapes had long been run out of business. If you were headed towards the Warwick Mall, it was much easier to stop at Papa Ginos on the right, than cross busy Rt. 2 and turn into Bickfords on the left. Unless you turned around at the light, but then you had to go into the Kids 'R' Us/ Boating World parking lot, which was depressing and a general pain in the rear end.

Anyway, I've spent some time with these people. And they are angry and hurt. But the burrito making team at Chipotles is hurt as well. They are frustrated that the protestors are doing number two in their bathroom, and asking for cups for water, yet filling them up with Orange Slice. They say they have a historic claim to this lot, and it's hard to know who to believe.

I dedicate this song to this conflict. I will also be playing it at our CD Release...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tickets Now On Sale for CD Release!!

Tickets are hot to trot for the much anticipated CD Release Party at Underground Arts.

Pre-ordered tickets are $11...$15 at the door... Purchase here!

Make sure you check out JOHNNY'S VIP LOVE LOUNGE... $40 tickets include autographed CD and poster, preferential seating and treatment, and your first drink free!

Johnny and the Sons of Thunder are hard at work, rehearsing the hits. Underground Arts is in transition to becoming a premiere Philadelphia Arts venue... We're gonna do it for the people...

Have you rated LOVE IS THE MESSAGE on itunes? Let the people know how you feel...find it here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Late Nite Cabaret!

No kidding, folks. We closed the Fringe with a bang. It was a fantastic party at the Arts Underground. Here are some pictures, courtesy of Clayton A. Sweeney:

See more photos here, and check out Intersections Gallery.

We love Underground Arts so much, that we are going to have our "Love is the Message" CD release there October 21st. Stay tuned for details....

Set List 9/17

woman you my woman
party in my pants
hip ship
the list
hit it
marla's song (the whales)
little red corvette
james sugg

sensual, pts 1&2
paper planes/ cocaine sandwich
love is the message

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love is the Message is Now on iTUNES!!

Look out for details on a CD Release party in October! The physical copy is going to be so physical, and so beautiful. But til then, you can find it here!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fringe Closing Night!

We are celebrating closing night of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival. It will be hosted by Madi Distefano, and also featuring the Peek-A-Boo Review. Come see me bare my soul, and then see them bare their everything elses... It's free!

Come dance with us!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some Chris' Pics

We couldn't have posed these two if we tried.

Rumi and the Truth petition Mr. Shalaman.

Cut that cocaine sandwich in half.

All photos by Nancy Drew

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lady M Fundraiser

Yesterday we rocked happy hour at Chris' Jazz Cafe to raise money for our dear. friends at Swim Pony Performing Arts, who are bringing their star studded Lady M to the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival this year. Thanks to our many friends who came to hang out and drink.

Here is some footage of "Love is the Message", the title track from our upcoming record. I particularly enjoy my tummy pumps in the first verse.