Thursday, January 28, 2010

For Martha Graham Cracker

Oh Martha
I have been dreaming of your chesthair
And your hair on your upper arms
And your lower back
And legs
I feel you can engulf me
With your siren song
Will I crash into your rocks, Martha?
Will I?
Tomorrow night we meet once more
Our spheres collide
Our Venn Diagrams will gently bump eachother
In the lights, among the people
We will hold court, Martha
I will not breathe a word to Vickie Fastlane
Of our clandestine public encounter
She would not understand our love.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

World Cafe 1/20

What a treat it was to return to World Cafe Live downstairs. The Sons of Thunder caught a flame. Rumi Kitchen sent a cosmic echo through the crowd, while The Truth testified in the truest of fashion.

The Six Lady Dancers made their triumphant return to the stage, busting out of The Cocaine Sandwich, our newest single, and a rendition of "Baby I'm a Star".

Vickie Fastlane made an appearance as well, reprising Heart's "Alone".
She stops my heart from beating.

Lisa Shaffer took these spectacular photos. For the complete gallery the night's photos and her amazing work, go to

Pig Iron Benefit

This Friday, Johnny and the Sons of Thunder will be rocking the Troc in honor and support of Pig Iron Theatre Company. I hope that Martha Graham Cracker and I can get a second alone together backstage to rekindle old feelings. She makes me feel so emotional.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Johnny is Back

After a long hiatus due to strenuous legal battles regarding PURR, PULL, REIGN, I am finally returning to the stage. Johnny and the Immaculate Sons on Thunder will be playing all of their hits in concert at World Cafe Live.

We will be featuring Dennis Diamond, Practitioner of Illusion, and my second cousin Raymond Charles II.

Also in tow will be the apples of my eye, the SIX LADY DANCERS.

I am hoping for a special appearance by Vickie Fastlane, my incredible lover. We have not seen each other since the close of PURR, PULL, REIGN. She could have called at least...