Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ryan Carniaux "Reflections of the Persevering Spirit"

There are great musicians, and then there are great musicians who are really saying something. That is the case with the group of intrepid musicians that circle the orb of trumpeter Ryan Carniaux. Ryan and I played together back in Rhode Island at Quidnessett Country Club. He would bring the house down during my duets with local chantreuse Maria Day, who was responsible for writing the classic Ocean State offical song, "Rhode Island, It's for Me". And although I stiffed him for a significant sum of money at Chan's Eggroll and Jazz Series in Woonsockett, we have remained very good friends to this date.

Ryan has since moved to Koln, Germany where he has toured all over Europe with kinetic genius drummer Samuel Duhsler and lush piano prodigy Mike Roeloffs. He has also become the go to sideman for many of the heavy hitter American players that tour overseas.

Ryan also blessed Love is the Message with his sound, blowing his ass off on both the title track and Fingernail Clipping of the Moon.

Released within the same week as Love is the Message, Ryan has birthed his own child into the world. On October 28, Ryan will release Reflections of a Persevering Spirit. I got a sneak preview, of course. It is a sweeping, moody record that explores the dynamism of human experience. Ryan leads the group from peaceful reverence to volcanic eruption, with emotional depth found in few artists. Now available on iTunes!

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