Monday, February 21, 2011

2 Night Stand!!

This weekend's shows at Connie's Ric Rac were simply incredible. The Sons of Thunder were just out of this world... It must have been the full moon, or the incredible blustering wind that swept thru Philly all day Saturday. But the crowd was just wild, and we gave them just what they wanted.

Early on, the program was interrupted by this real pervert named Raymond Charles II, who turned out to be hear just to steal my women.... He did sing a nice little ditty, though...

Martha even showed up! I just knew she would... At first it was extremely awkward, after I was stood up on Valentine's Day.

All was set right later in the evening, with a stirring rendition of my hit song, "Push That Rock"

Pictures and more videos to come!!

Set List 2/18, 2/19

Hip Ship
Woman, You My Woman
Baby Come Over
Raymond---- Seduced
Hit it from the Back
Chairman Mao
Martha and Johnny ----I Can't Make You Love Me/ I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Love is the Message
Rumi Kitchen----Tomorrow Never Knows
Martha and Johnny ------ Push That Rock
"James Sugg"

Fingernail Clipping of the Moon
Sensual, Not Sexual/ Cocaine Sandwich

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