Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Mystic Ticket Singles!

I am excited to announce that this month I will be heading back up to Waterfront Studios in Hudson to mix and master two new singles for my upcoming album, MYSTIC TICKET. It was exactly a year ago this month that we were there, cutting our teeth on LOVE IS THE MESSAGE with Henry Hirsch and the dreamy Rachel Alina.

Where LITM was recorded to analog tape with all living, breathing instruments, MYSTIC TICKET is a digital, psychedelic fantasy, recorded 100% on Logic, produced and engineered by myself in collaboration with Noami Salaami, Vinnie Federici, and Rumi Kitchen. The sound is shimmering and glistening with digital sweat, inspired by the past and barreling towards the future.

The sessions began last winter, when I fell down the basement steps on 7th and Shunk, and fractured my radial head. The pain was like giving birth out of my elbow, and left me out of commission for months, with nothing but Dotty on my lap, Logic Pro, and the deranged artistic freedom of emotional and physical healing. These sessions lead me to my sessions with Henry Hirsch, and now they will finally come to sweet fruition.

Stay tuned!