Friday, July 3, 2009

Animals of my Emotions IV: Mystical Dragon

For Chris Wrenn, a major donor

Season blossoms
Do you feel it all around you?
Wicked awesomes
Do you want to let it mount you?
It is now that I think of you, oh Mystic Dragon
I long to view you, bathing by a waterfall or meadow's brook,
When you don't think anyone is watching
Like Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
And I am Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio,
Averting my maiden eyes when discovered
Mystic Dragon, in the throws of summer
Breathing the fire that melted winter
Breathing life into the citrus plants of all my
Inner emotional desires
Dragon, I have pictures of you
Ones you can't recall or don't seem to remember
I am up in a tower, and you are my protector
I send my flowing locks down
To weigh upon your scales (play on words)
And then, I see a single tear
Trickling down the eye of you, dragon
And I see that you are crying...
And I say why, why, why are you crying, Dragon?
Is it because you are the ancestor of the Lizard
And they are significantly less interesting by comparison?
Is it because your flamey breath has been forever unflamed?
Your scales scaled down? Your giant razor claws
Dullened to thorny bits of nothingness in the ether?
Dragon you are safe with me.
I will be your knight in shining armor
Together we will fly through the wilderness of morning
My armor nestled between your dorsal spines
Then you clean me with your forked tongue
And your fire...
And your fire...

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