Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Funny or Die!

Reception has been remarkable for our video of Sensual, Pts 1 & 2...
We thought, what the heck... Let's put it up here to and see what the funny people say. Please view here, and tell em we're funny...or DIE! (Sorry about the lame Ad)

New Video!!

We are pleased to present our brand new video for Sensual, Pts 1 & 2!
It was directed by the very talented Rachel Gordon, and features our friends Kristy Chouiniere as the sexy lady and the Six Lady Dancer Jaundice as the Temporary Truth.
Here are some photos from behind the scenes. See more here!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Our 7/28 show at Underground Arts was nothing short of transparent. Transparent? Translucent. Transcendent! Here is a photo of the group before the show.

Sadly, it was the last performance of the Half-Truth (known to some as Jamie McKittrick...not me, of course), who has left us for adventures beyond. We will miss her dearly, as demonstrated in the on-stage presentation of this Carvel ice cream cake.

It was also the release of our new EP Mystic Ticket I: The Pump Fake, which we played in its entirety, with some help from my emotional extension, The Six Lady Dancers.
It was such a killer show... setlist below:

intro (Shakin' Your Hand)
Chairman Mao
Hit it
Golden handshake/ Hip Ship
Coconut Water
Rumi Kitchen: Stop Fooling Around
The Truth: The Whales
Mystic Ticket:
Rubber Glove
Forget about the World/Scorpion
Woman you my Woman
Fingernail Clipping of the Moon
Cocaine Sandwich