Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Our 7/28 show at Underground Arts was nothing short of transparent. Transparent? Translucent. Transcendent! Here is a photo of the group before the show.

Sadly, it was the last performance of the Half-Truth (known to some as Jamie McKittrick...not me, of course), who has left us for adventures beyond. We will miss her dearly, as demonstrated in the on-stage presentation of this Carvel ice cream cake.

It was also the release of our new EP Mystic Ticket I: The Pump Fake, which we played in its entirety, with some help from my emotional extension, The Six Lady Dancers.
It was such a killer show... setlist below:

intro (Shakin' Your Hand)
Chairman Mao
Hit it
Golden handshake/ Hip Ship
Coconut Water
Rumi Kitchen: Stop Fooling Around
The Truth: The Whales
Mystic Ticket:
Rubber Glove
Forget about the World/Scorpion
Woman you my Woman
Fingernail Clipping of the Moon
Cocaine Sandwich

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