Monday, October 10, 2011

#Occupy West Warwick

It has been an incredible 3 weeks of world events. Here in Rhode Island, protestors have taken up residence outside Chipotle on Rt 2, Warwick. It used to be a Bickfords, a fine family restaurant which thrived on the bustling business of major until replaced by Chipotle in 2009. Protestors aren't leaving until their voices are heard, and Bickfords is given another chance to thrive, now that a Trader Joe's was build across Rt 2. Before there was only a Jamiel's shoe world and Papa Gino's, and Strawberry's Records and Tapes had long been run out of business. If you were headed towards the Warwick Mall, it was much easier to stop at Papa Ginos on the right, than cross busy Rt. 2 and turn into Bickfords on the left. Unless you turned around at the light, but then you had to go into the Kids 'R' Us/ Boating World parking lot, which was depressing and a general pain in the rear end.

Anyway, I've spent some time with these people. And they are angry and hurt. But the burrito making team at Chipotles is hurt as well. They are frustrated that the protestors are doing number two in their bathroom, and asking for cups for water, yet filling them up with Orange Slice. They say they have a historic claim to this lot, and it's hard to know who to believe.

I dedicate this song to this conflict. I will also be playing it at our CD Release...

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