Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Night of the Double Gig

October 28 was a killer night for Johnny and the Sons of Thunder. We started at 10:30 at the killah new venue, Milkboy Philly, sharing the bill with sex goddess and sometimes girlfriend, Miss Martha Graham Cracker. (photos by Kathy Kruger)

We were also blessed to reunite with G, our super funky bass player who moved back to New England last year. The crowd was killer, and about 90% of them had never seen us before. It was an overwhelming success, and Milkboy has already asked us to return. Another date is in the works! Stayed tuned...

Milkboy set list

chairman mao
party in my pants
baby come over
hit it
Let’s make a better world (dr john)
screwdriver (i'm sorry, michael)
golden hand shake/hip ship
the whales
sensual, pts 1 &2
cocaine sandwich
love is the message

After our set, there was no time for a duet with my sweet Martha, or even a drink of Milkboy's famous boy-milk... We gathered up our gear, and blew across town to 21st and Washington, where our good friends The Beserker Residents were throwing their 7th Annual Halloween 'Splosion, where we were a super secret surprise guest. We showed up, set up, and tore it up.
Drummer Joey Getzani had a Swedish chef flavor happening, and I slipped into something more comfortable, my late night pink. We played an even longer set for the party people, adding favorites like "Woman you My woman" and a surprisingly proficient, previously unrehearsed Ghostbusters Theme which I introduced as Riders on the Storm. The miserable weather didn't stop this crowd from having an incredible time... You need us to rock your party? This band is for hire.

These people had the halloween 'sploding all over them...

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