Thursday, November 10, 2011

Release: The Secret Weapon

On October 21st, we had the long awaited release party for our debut album, Love is the Message! It was held in the brilliant up-and-coming venue, Underground Arts, and in addition to the 150 people in attendance, 450 people around the world were watching a live webcast. I could feel their power. We played the entire album, plus many many more. This party went all night... But I've been doing lots of cardio at Sweat South Philly, so no problem...

I sang all the hits.

The Truth made the nasty happen, and everybody new it.

My ex-girlfriend, Vickie Fastlane stopped by for an unexpected visit. I wasn't expecting her, or that she would be expecting herself. It's not mine, by the way. I wonder if I'm sad or not.

We also introduced an very promising, up-and-coming young artist named Marvin. I owed his sister quite a bit of money from when I stayed in her apartment while she was doing her karaoke residency in Japan. It started that we were dating, but then we weren't, and there were some expenses I soon had to cover. Anyway, Marvin is very talented young man, very interested in space travel, and we are talking about producing an EP.

Rumi Kitchen and Kitchen sang an emotional rendition of Cat, Rat, Dog, in response to Occupy West Warwick.

The night was incredible. The Six Lady Dancers even called to arms at the encore, which errupted into a massive dance party. Thank you to Gary Reuben, Mike Thatcher, Mike Cristaldi for all of their hard work. Thanks to the beautiful Kathy Kruger for taking these great photos. See the rest of her photos here!

Don't have the record yet? Get it here!

10/21 Setlist
chairman mao
baby come over
hit it
Let’s make a better world (Dr John)
alone (Heart) w/ vickie fastlane
push that rock

break (w/ a set by Marvin)

Golden hand shake/ hip ship
the whales
through the years (Kenny Rogers)
take me with u (Prince) w/ Vickie Fastlane
james sugg

idioteque (radiohead)
woman, you my woman
Love is the message

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