Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Shopping with Johnny

Not finished with your Christmas shopping, or still looking for that special gift for that loved one? Look no further! We have just the things to make their Christmas bright. For Sale this Friday at Connies:

Love is the Message CDs $12

Love is the Message is the #1 Party Album of the Year... Every Year!!

Co-produced with Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Mick Jagger), this analog recording includes all your favorite songs from the cabaret, fully realized! Also features the brilliant art design of Angela Miles of Carpe Diem Construction Co.

Johnny and Dotty Tee Shirts $12

Take Johnny and Dotty wherever you go. All are super comfy tees in mens and ladies' styles, and a variety of colors. Made by Royal Apparel and Anvil. Printed by Camden Printworks.

"Love, Johnny" Thongs $8

Simple, elegant, tasteful. Made by Royal Apparel, with soft gold printing by Camden Printworks (Also available in more modest booty shorts.)

Online Store to come!!

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