Monday, December 26, 2011

A Time of Love and Understanding

Connies at Christmas is a special time of year. The Italian Market is bustling with Mexican Music and the special smell of urine, and Old Joe Brown Tartaglia is passing out hip flasks with little bottles of Captain Morgan. On December 9th, All of our friends and family piled in to sing songs, share Christmas memories, and bask in the glow of the incredible Sons of Thunder.

(photos courtesy of Emily Ana Zeitlyn)

We did the Golden Handshake. My palms were reenacting a sensual encounter from across a crowded room.

The Truth wished for nothing, and got everything they ever needed in their stocking. Notice the bows and garland. We killed it for Christmas.

Our good friend Birdie Busch stopped in and blessed us with some tunes. She's got the prettiest swing this side of the Delaware.

Drummer Joseph Getzani and Andrew Nelson locked into the nasty, while Rumi Kitchen stared into the spirit of Christmas forever-now-ness.

Christmas is such an emotional time for me. I was wrapped with memories, and told of everything from my ex-wife's throwing up on 95N to Providence to lodging a sharpened candy cane in my little bother Bobby's throat.

We also had some very special guests at TABLE $25. "Beaver and Kat", as they only wish to be known for these purposes, were visiting from Wickford, RI. They are active supporters of #OccupyWestWarwick, and came to see us their friend "Janet". I knew them when I was working at Quidnessett Country Club, and they got me a weekly gig at Bovy's Tavern in East Providence.

"Kat" and "Janet", photo courtesy of "Beaver".

The following photos are from their pampered view at Table $25.

Here is us by the televised fireplace. So warm and cozy.

Here is me singing "Please Don't Throw Up Again (This Christmas)", a song for my ex-wife Bonnie.

Here is my ex-wife Bonnie, many Christmases ago. I still think of her, especially since I can't get her pukestench out of my seats in the Taurus.

Set List 12/9/11
Drummer Boy/Woman
People Make the World Go Round
hit it
golden handshake/ hip ship
the list
Birdie- Brand New Key/Born of a Season
Please Don't Throw Up Again (This Christmas)
Rumi Kitchen- Let's go get stoned
Screwdriver (I'm Sorry Michael)
push that rock
Underneath the fingernail clipping of the moon
Have yourself a merry little christmas
jackmo fever
cocaine sandwich
(encore #2)

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