Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Album Recording Dates!!

Every time we play, people are asking when an album is coming out... Well, I am thrilled to announce that I have finally found a great producer for my very first studio album. On April 18, Rumi Kitchen, the Truth, the Sons of Thunder and I are heading up to Hudson, NY, where we will spend ten days in the studio with legendary producer Henry Hirsch, who has produced all of Lenny Kravitz's albums. He is also responsible for Madonna's "Justify My Love", which stands as one of the great compositions of the late 20th Century. He has also worked with Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson! His next masterpiece, My Album to-be-named, will be out this summer! Stay tuned to the blog for details...

I became connected with Henry as I was working on my own self-produced album, Mystic Ticket, and called my old pal Rachel Russell to see if she would mix it. She now works for Henry, and encouraged me to send my stuff to him. He fell in love with our sound, and with Rachel, will co-produce my record in a studio built in a beautiful old church... Don't worry, the psychedelic odyssey Mystic Ticket will be out next year!

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