Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream

June 12 was a beautiful night. The band was happening, the crowd cheered wicked hard, I looked like a million dollars.

You can check out the pictures.

June 12 was also the debut of the first song by Mystic Ticket, Rumi Kitchen and my mainstream side project. We played The Rat, The Cat, The Dog, a song dedicated to the man who trained his animals to portray world peace.

The man who trained the rat,
To sit on the cat, to sit on the dog
Said that we can live together,
We can live forever

He took us all down by the riverside
He said "Oh Baby, don't you run and hide.
"I got that thing that turn the whole world on
"And soon the whole world gonna sing my song"

Reached into his pocket and he took out a rat
And then he put right onto a cat
Then he put the cat on top of a dog
And then he said, "Good God! Good God!

June 12 also featured a surprise appearance by my big time crush Vickie Fastlane, who is absolutely gorgeous. She must have snuck out of the house while Dickie Fastlane was performing his piece "Bluehair" at a local senior center.

It was a riveting performance of "Alone" by Hearts. I could tell that there was desire in her eyes. It make me long for Purr, Pull, Reign where we are discussing a kissing scene with director Adrienne Mackey.

6/12 Setlist:
Stache Intro
Party in my Pants
Crosstown Traffic
Hit It
Tempo: Hermit Crab
Ooh Baby Baby
Vickie: Alone
The Ladies of Summer: Flashdance
Let’s Go Get Stoned
Push that Rock
A Poem: Mystic Dragon
Chairman Mao
Sensual/Use Me

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