Thursday, June 18, 2009

Animals of My Emotions III: Vigilant Spider

Vigilant Spider
Your legs are so long
Vigilant Spider
You make me feel strong
You terrify me, but your
Teeth are so tiny
You'd never bite me
Plus, you'd never have the heart
Vigilant Spider
You silent hunter
Seductress, pious arachnid mystic
Entrap me with your mantra
Enwrap me with your contra
Can't you see I want to please you?
Your venom and my denim
We could be a team, spider
Will you watch me while I'm sleeping, spider?
Will you? Will you protect me from
My arch-nemesis Dickie Fastlane
And his adder's tongue
And Bonnie's bristling chin of remembrance past?
Vigilant Spider
Your abdomen bears an appandage
The silk that you extrude
To suit my every mood
And lasso me with sticky bolas
If I was your mate
Would you eat me, spider?
Would you flood me with your digestive
Enzymes to liquify my love?
Or would you recognize me
When I do my courtship ritual
Your web is an orb
Weaving dreams in my stratosphere
Of my mind
Vigilant Spider

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