Friday, May 29, 2009

Animals of My Emotions: II. Yoo Hoo, Kangaroo

This poem is about my feelings
Yoo hoo, Kangaroo
I know where you sit
Propped up by a tail
Of deceit
I am not your joey, Kangaroo
I see your razor sharp toenails
They tear through me, and my emotions
I cannot hate you
But I am afraid to love you
Will you protect me, Kangaroo?
Will you? Will you be my protector?
Will you protect me? Will you?
Or will you punch me twice
In the privates and once in the face
Like Bonnie did when she left
And then hide in the bathroom, Kangaroo?
And then call her mother's house 7 times
And leave message after message, Kangaroo?
And then slash the tires of the Taurus?
Will you protect me from the leopards of loneliness
And her vicious tentacles?
Will you please just hold me right now, Kangaroo?
I see you move so fast
And your head is like
A bunny and a deer
Mixed. But you can also
Yoo hoo, Kangaroo
This Poem is about my feelings.

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