Thursday, January 27, 2011

Johnny at Pig Island

Last week, we blew the lid off of the Trocadero and the Pig Island Theatre Company Benefit. 700 people were witness to the miraculous Sons of Thunder, playing our new hit "hip ship", as long as classics "Sensual (Not Sensual)" and "Love is the Message", complete with a horn section! Here is a peak from backstage.

Martha and I met again, our one year anniversary after we were theatrically wed. I would like to say that it went well, but I'm afraid I would be telling a tale. It turns out we are on the outs again. I was twitting her all night, and tried to reach her backstage. Her dresser and bodyguard, Max, would not let me see her. The only reason I showed up at the benefit was because she didn't show up for the movie night I had planned. I rented "Beaches". I hope to see her at Connie's. Martha, come home.

Photos HERE

Some photos from backstage:

Rumi and the Truth:

The group at ease:

Martha was just shining that night on Pig Island. Her arm hair was glistening in the limelight, and her voice just soared in transcendence among the choir. I tried to catch her eye, to no avail... i'm hurting inside.

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